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From Wikipedia acknowledging that I invented Flat-Fee MLS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat-fee_MLS

Edward E. Cambas has over 30 years total experience in Business Development and Real Estate and here is some of the story. I started working at the age of 15 years old raising funds for the Police Benevolent Association (PBA). In the mid 1980's an opportunity presented itself to work in Real Esate. Initially I started working with Ariel Quintella selling properties in Lutz and doing general sales. I also worked at Century 21 Geiger and ERA the Polo Group on Dale Mabry Hwy. Following with the trends of the time In 1990 I became licensed as a Series 7 Registered Representative and began to raise capital as an investment advisor/ stock broker. This was kind of like what you see in the movies with all of the large paychecks. We were living in a fantasy world of glitz and glamour although making 200 cold calls every day has it's drawbacks. I can remember going for happy hour beers and appetizers at rocky point near the beach in Tampa. Then it was back to the office to cold call for a couple hours before heading home for the evening. I later became licensed as a Series 24 and was a managing director for a New York Investment Banking Firm and acting Principal for the Tampa offices. I knew that having the most prolific license would open doors for me and at the time it looked like Investment Banking was a great fit. I supervised agents directly in my office earning more than $60,000 per month and it seemed that the most successful persons either had a book of business or were getting darn good "hot" leads from a proprietary source. I was in charge of all the hiring and compliance in the office, and responsible for production - answering to my wall street bosses.

In addition, Edward Cambas began to develop various small business operations which were Travel and Marketing related with training and working at both Interval International and Carnival Cruise Lines. In the early 90's we were generating over $500,000 per week at our travel operations in Tampa, FL. At that point, I was initially a sales manager, then general manager, moving up to Vacation Break Tampa Franchise partner with Dean Gruber. Dean had around 7-8 franchise offices and was in charge of Tampa operations - outbound sales. Frank Burkett had the "lock" on inbound sales with approx. 600 total agents working in Tampa and Pinellas. Our operations were prolific and highly recognized by the Bahamian authorities as a large source for revenue. I can remember a trip to the Bahamas where only franchise owners were allowed to participate along with key members of the various groups. We were traveling on private yachts, chartered airplanes, and treated like royalty. The big guys and heavy hitters were invited one night to dine on lobster and steak with champagne while we watched the waves roll in from the Caribbean. This was with Kevin Sheehan and all of the Tampa Franchisees mostly. Tampa was responsible for around 65% of their book of business. We ran freeport and were the kings of travel. The key to our success was lead generation... and developing warm prospects. It would not have seen the light of day without the "warm lead" process. We had product, people, leads and process.

A very interesting time in the mid -eighties led me to go to try my hand in the Automobile Industry selling cars. I remember I was licensed at Century 21 on Dale Mabry Hwy at Geiger Corp, and ventured over to Bill Currie Ford to say hello to a couple of friends and see how they were doing. Daryl Arthurs latched on to the opportunity to lure me in for a try at Used Car Sales. So at least my electric was being paid, and after a while I more or less got stuck in the rut of depending on car sales for a living. Walt Thatcher was our GM and we had many GSM's come in and out the door of the company. Wow, I worked with a lot of people because all together we had over 120 salespersons on the floor. I worked with Julie Goggans, Scott Bernardi, Johnny Jumpe, Robert Alorida, Woody, Leon Yohi, and Delisio to name just a few. My sales managers were John Allender, Carl Furhman, Doug Bailey, Richard Roberts, Pat Cooper and Mike Frey. Next, I moved with some of the managers over to Abraham Chevrolet where I worked on Hills. Ave for a couple of years.

I ran multi-million dollar enterprises as Sales Manager, General Manager and Owner/CEO. In 1992, I became a Lic. Real Estate Broker in 1992 and maintained a small office in Gulf South Center while still working in the Travel Industry. I am still licensed as a Broker now in 2014. My specialty is in Investment and sale-by-owner properties. I also worked with Allstate Homes/Metropolitan Ministries and the City of Tampa to develop inner-city vacant properties under government programs which benefited the non-profits and lower income families. Thanks to Steve Hanson (General Manager) and Pete Rutskin ( owner- retired now fishing in the keys.) Allstate homes literally was 40% responsible for developing north Tampa. This was a multi-generational operation that reined in the 1970's, and in my opinion strained to find their real identity in the new millennia, however, they are fully operational and I would say all the bills are paid in full and the company is profitable.

Today, Edward Cambas is focusing on working with his agents and developing various sales and marketing strategies from the Kendall, FL office location. He specializes in Rental and Investment Properties and is available for contact right away and 7 days per week. In addition, Edward also has his small travel operations open specializing in Airfare, and Cruise booking for Carnival, NCL, and Royal Caribbean in association with Travel Network in New Jersey. The major part of the operations involve a strong online profile, along with aggressive internet marketing and affiliate marketing techniques in conjunction with Social Media.