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12-01-2015 6:24:55 AM CST

Flat Fee MLS for only $49. Contact Edward Cambas, a Lic. Real Estate Broker at 305-684-3076. Or go to http://www.edwardcambas.com


Flat-fee MLS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flat-fee MLS refers to the practice in the real estate industry of a seller entering into an "à la carte service agreement" with a real estate broker who accepts a flat ...
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How do I choose a flat-fee MLS listing service (FSBO ...

May 25, 2013 - Doing a listing For Sale By Owner (FSBO), I want a flat-fee MLS listing service that has a good online presence as well as a history of quality ...

Flat Fee MLS Listing. Save thousands when you sell a home

Sell your home in local MLS starting at only $249. Save you thousands when you list in our national MLS database, Avoid the real estate commissions.


12-01-2015 6:22:22 AM CST

I found some great companies below and I also have a $49 Flat Fee service for review. See us at http://www.edwardcambas.com

Savvy Lane | Flat Fee MLS | For Sale By Owner | Best Way ...

MLS Market Analysis, $25, 1 Free, 1 Free, Unlimited. Listed on MLS & REALTOR.com®, checked. Syndicated to Hundreds of Real Estate Sites, checked. Selling ...


Flat Fee MLS Listing Services for home sellers. Flat Fee MLS, Manatee Flat Fee MLS Listing Services, Charlotte County Flat Fee MLS Listing Services - Port ...


11-29-2015 1:46:01 PM CST
Call Edward Cambas - Lic. Real Estate Broker at 786-200-8817 $49 Flat Fee   http://www.edwardcambas.com
Do you have coverage in my area?
Is it Difficult to Sell without an Agent?
What About Photos? How Many?
What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
How does the MLS Help Me Sell My Home?
Can I List My Rental Property On The MLS?
Can I Get More Help from the Agent?
What is the Role of the Listing Agent?
How Many People Will See My Listing?
How Soon Will My Listing Appear on the MLS After I Sign Up?
Are There Any Seller's Agent Commissions?
Are There Any Buyer's Agent Commissions?
What if I Find a Buyer Myself? Do I pay any commissions?
What is the MLS Listing Length?
Who Handles the Paperwork?
Whose Phone Number is on the MLS?
I have a Yard Sign, can I still use it?
Can I cancel my MLS order?
Why does it cost 199? Is that the only fee?
Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee?


11-29-2015 1:39:30 PM CST

Stop - I will list the property for only $49 go to http://www.edwardcambas.com The first broker to do this in the state of Florida. 786-200-8817.


11-29-2015 1:37:15 PM CST

Just call Edward Cambas first at 786-200-8817 an equal housing opp. FLAT FEE MLS is $49

About ADDvantage
How does the sign up process work?
How long does it take to get listed in MLS?
How it works for agents and the public seeing your listing.




When a Florida Realtor calls ADDvantage, how will they be handled?
Professional ADDvantage™
Is Professional ADDvantage™ right for me. Do I need a flat fee MLS listing that comes with contract to close representation?









Agent Activate®
Can I use Agent Activate® with any of your three programs?
Why would a seller use ADDvantage's Agent Activate®?
Background information on listing flat fee MLS
My home is listed with your MLS flat fee service. A real estate agent asked me, “Who is the broker for your listing”?
My home is in Weston, part of Miami Dade. If I sign up for your MLS ADDvantage program, will I be self represented?
What does self representation mean?
I am considering selling a home in Tampa and I want to use Professional ADDvantage™ program. If I use this flat fee MLS program, will I be self represented?
I live in Miami Dade. What do I say if a Realtor or agent asks, “What is the commission”?
Why use the term, “My broker is offering”?
What is a “co broke”?
A Realtor told me that if I list flat fee in the MLS, other full service Realtors wouldn't show my property. Is this true?
What do full service Realtors think about flat fee MLS companies in Tampa?
What's different about the ADDvantage brand of flat fee MLS?
How can other flat fee MLS companies in Florida manage their multiple listings without sophisticated software?
That's an easy question. They can't. 95% will just give “bad service”. Some have software but most do it the old fashioned way…emails, faxes and unanswered phone calls.
Why is ADDvantage software better?


11-29-2015 12:54:18 PM CST

Edward E. Cambas is a Lic. Real Estate Broker and equal housing opportunity. We have been providing MLS Flat Fee deals since 1992. Call the "first" and the best - $49 Flat Fee cannot be beat.

  1. 139 Flat Fee MLS Listing‎

    MLS & Realtor.com Licensed
    Pay at settlement option available.
  2. $99 Flat Fee MLS Listing‎

    Get On MLS & Realtor.com For $99
    For Sale By Owner On MLS Listers
  3. Flat Fee MLS Mistakes‎

    (800) 556-3418
    Learn why buyers won't see your MLS
    listing & how to avoid this problem
  4. Discount Flat Fee MLS $69‎

    Save Thousands Listing on Mls
    Flat Fee Mls Listing Packages
  5. MLS Listing Service‎

    Flat Fee MLS & Realtor.com Listing.
    Largest For Sale By Owner Website


11-29-2015 7:21:13 AM CST
  1. First call Edward Cambas - $49 Flat Fee MLS listings. 786-200-8817

  2. Flat Fee MLS Listing - Listed on The MLS & Realtor.com®‎

    Plus over 100 By Owner web sites.
  3. $99 Flat Fee MLS Listing - ByOwnerFlatFeeMLS.com‎

    Get On MLS & Realtor.com For $99 For Sale By Owner On MLS Listers
  4. $139 Flat Fee MLS Listing - MLS & Realtor.com Licensed‎

    Pay at settlement option available.


11-28-2015 8:22:51 PM CST

Home Selling: Have you heard of Flat Fee MLS services ...

Aug 20, 2015 - Have you heard of Flat Fee MLS services? My name is Edward Cambas, a Lic. Real Estate Broker providing access to the SEF MLXCHANGE ...

Flat Fee MLS | Edward E. Cambas – REALTOR*

Full service discounted listings 4.9% - includes MLS, contracting and all closing aspects. FLAT FEE MLS $250 -Will appear on over 50 sites via Auto-Syndication ...

Call Edward E. Cambas a Lic. Real Estate Broker at 786-200-8817 $49 MLS listings. 



11-28-2015 8:10:53 PM CST

Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 


LS Home Page - Miami Association of Realtors

NEW Matrix Input Forms · MLS Input Forms · Seller Opt-out Form · Status Change Form · ID Request for Unlicensed Assistants · MLS Resources ...
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Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 

Miami Association of Realtors

(C) MLS: Mastering Matrix 101 (Spanish). Monday, November 30, 2015 (9:30 AM to 12:00 PM). Coral Gables Office, Coral Gables, Florida. Presented in Spanish
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Miami Real Estate - Miami, FL Homes for Sale - realtor.com®

www.realtor.com › Homes For Sale › Florida
Real estate listings for homes for sale in Miami, FL. Realtor.com(R) has Miami real estate.

Miami FL Real Estate - 4,536 Homes For Sale | Zillow


Zillow has 4536 homes for sale in Miami FL. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place.


Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 


11-28-2015 7:35:53 PM CST

Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 


Flat Fee MLS Florida Real Estate Realtor Listing Service ...


Flat Fee MLS listing largest in Florida from only $89, List FSBO Flat Fee MLS property Sale/Rent in Realtor Multiple Listing Service for one-time Flat Fee MLS. ... Fee MLSListing | Miami Flat Fee MLS Listing | Miami Beach Flat Fee MLS Listing ...

Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 

Sand Dollar Realty Group Flat Fee MLS Discount Broker ...

Sand Dollar Realty Group Real Estate are investor friendly Realtors flat fee MLS Discount service available. Serving Miami-Dade County Florida.


11-28-2015 7:34:43 PM CST

Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 


MLS Home Page - Miami Association of Realtors

NEW Matrix Input Forms · MLS Input Forms · Seller Opt-out Form · Status Change Form · ID Request for Unlicensed Assistants · MLS Resources ...
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Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 

Miami Association of Realtors

(C) MLS: Mastering Matrix 101 (Spanish). Monday, November 30, 2015 (9:30 AM to 12:00 PM). Coral Gables Office, Coral Gables, Florida. Presented in Spanish
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11-28-2015 9:42:57 AM CST

Edward Cambas has Flat Fee MLS starting at $49 see more at www.edwardcambas.com 


In 1992, Edward Cambas started this process of Flat-Fee Listings as a Lic. Real Estate Broker in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Cambas worked at Buy Owner in Tampa which was a large Real Estate advertising company including having their own television show on Sundays. The "Buy Owner" concept was to pay a fee up-front to go into the magazine and on television while the homeowner fielded their own calls, worked their own contracts, and were responsible for the entire process and sellers would also be able to continue to market on their own in an attempt to find a buyer who is willing, ready and or able to purchase the property.

A Flat-fee listing on the MLS would provide the seller with a listing just like any other listing with the difference being they maintained freedom to sell on their own and had to deal directly with inquiring agents all the way through contract and closing. At first, there was an uprising by full service Real Estate companies because this service would surely cut their ability to monopolize the MLS and the ability to get Exclusive Right of Sale Listings where no matter what they would get a commission. The FTC eventually stepped in and ruled that the Flat-fee model be able to remain in place because it gave the home sellers another option which would save them money and introduce more competition to the marketplace.


11-27-2015 7:14:56 AM CST


Open House Hacks: 9 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell


Luxury dining room, well-lit

Spaces Images/Getty Images


Whipping your place into its most marketable shape might land you a buyer with a dream offer. And it might all spring from a terrific  open house—the kind where every attendee is entranced, the hors d’oeuvres are delicious, and nothing remotely goes wrong.

You don’t have to hire a pro home stager and rent all new furniture to get the look buyers love. We asked agents and home staging experts for their secret staging hacks. Here are nine little moves that have a great impact for minimal effort or money.

1. Strip the windows

“Light and bright is what sells,” says Randy Wine, a real estate agent in Rutherford, NJ. So pack away your curtains. “They might be beautiful, but they’ll darken and date the room. You can leave the sheers, but take down the drapes.”

Pull the blinds all the way up. “If blinds are left in the down but open position, that can reduce light by 50% over the course of the day,” says Justin M. Riordan, founder of Spade and Archer Design Agency in Portland, OR. And make sure your windows are sparkling clean; they let in more light and just look nicer, too.

2. White-out the bathroom

Just as hotels use white items to reinforce the idea that they’re clean, white in the bathroom makes things look fresh and new.

“Even if you can’t replace cabinets or countertops, at least purchase fresh white towels,” says Sheila Schostok of Your Home Matters Staging & Redesign in Lake County, IL. And add a white shower curtain, white soap dish, and new white bathmat (though, if your bathroom floor is a selling point, skip the bathmat).

3. Update kitchen fixtures

You don’t need to replace the countertops or even paint to give your kitchen an update. The solution is simpler and cheaper.

Please, Mr. Postman

Send me news, tips, and promos from realtor.com® and Move.


“Replacing an old light fixture with a nice modern one from Home Depot can do a lot to improve the look of your kitchen,” says Wine.

If your drawer pulls and cabinet knobs look dated, swap them out for the style and finish that’s most sought-after in your area, whether that’s brushed nickel or polished brass—ask your broker what’s hot.

4. Flip every switch

Lighting up the house by turning on every lamp and overhead light will make prospective buyers confident that you have nothing to hide. Remember, you’re not trying to create “atmosphere” like you would at a dinner party—you’re showcasing a product for sale. Place floor lamps in dark corners. “An inexpensive, high-intensity floor lamp directed at the ceiling can do a lot to make a room look bigger and brighter,” says Wine.

5. Replace wall art with mirrors

Whether your walls feature fine art or family photos, swap those personal pieces out for a large mirror on one or two key walls. Since people’s taste in art varies a lot, you should hide prominent paintings or art photographs unless you are confident they have broad appeal.

“Mirrors have the advantage of maximizing light to make rooms look bigger and brighter,” says Wine. If you have a nice backyard, try placing a mirror on the wall across from the window that looks out on the yard, so the greenery will be reflected and visible from multiple angles in the room.

6. Roll up rugs

Hardwood floors are a major selling point for most buyers, and a rug that’s even slightly stained or tattered is a turn-off. So don’t hide wood floors, unless they’re a mess or your rugs are classic and pristine. Always remove area rugs from your kitchen, because the room will feel cleaner and more spacious without them.

7. Swap out lampshades

To make a room look more light, clean, and modern, replace any old lampshades for new white drum shades, which are cheap and readily available at Ikea and Target.

8. Set the table

Elaborate table settings can have an overly staged look, but if your dining room table has seen better days or the room could use some livening up, set the table with simple modern place settings from CB2 or Bed Bath & Beyond. Go for modern white plates, sleek stainless-steel cutlery, and stemless wine glasses atop neutral-hued place mats or a tablecloth. If the room could use a touch of color, add vibrant napkins.

9. Add a metallic accent

Making a room look more luxurious and contemporary is as easy as adding a metallic accessory or two—like a silver leather throw pillow, a bronze side table or garden stool, or a copper tray.

“Metallics add visual appeal, but they’re less controversial than color,” says Wine. “They’re like glamorous neutrals.”


11-26-2015 7:22:40 AM CST


Apartments For Rent in Kendall FL | Zillow


Find your next apartment in Kendall FL on Zillow. Use our detailed filters to find the perfect place, then get in touch with the property manager.


Call Edward E. Cambas - a Lic. Real Estate Broker and equal housing opportunity. 


11-26-2015 7:18:22 AM CST


  1. Apartment For Rent In Kendall - Apartments.com‎

    1 - 3 Bedroom Apartments Available From $1050. Find Your Place Now!
    Apartments.com has 1,811 followers on Google+
Call Edward Cambas, a Lic. Real Estate Broker and equal housing opportunity. 


11-26-2015 7:15:25 AM CST



Homes and Apartments for Rent in Kendall. Edward E. Cambas is a Lic. Real Estate Broker and expert for Kendall Rentals. 786-200-8817. www.edwardcambas.com 



11-09-2015 8:00:45 AM CST


Special REO Disclosure and Multiple Offer Disclosure

The term “REO” shall refer to any of the following type (s) of properties:
“Foreclosure; Corporate Owned; Bank Owned; Institution Owned; PMI Co. (Private Mortgage Insurance)
or any other type (s) of property where ownership may have or has been acquired through a foreclosure
type deed, and/or any other type of deed conveyed through or by any government courthouse sale, etc.
The word “Seller” shall refer to any of the following: legal owner, representative of owner; Mortgage
Servicing Company; Mortgage Servicing Provider, etc.
Please be advised that there may be multiple offers at any given moment for the property that you are
currently placing an offer on.
The “Seller” is under NO obligation to negotiate offers in order in which they are received, and it is solely
at the discretion of the “Seller” as to which offer, if any, they elect to accept, reject or counter at any given
Listing Broker cannot guaranty or predict which offer the “Seller” will accept, counter or even consider,
and cannot disclose any criteria whatsoever relevant to any offer, nor outline any specific reason as to why
“Seller” rejected, countered this or any other offer, and/or accepted this or any other offer.
Listing Broker’s obligation is to present all offers to “Seller” in a timely manner once received, and there is
no pre-determined time frame for “Seller” to act upon said offer. “Seller” MAY or MAY NOT act upon
any offer received.
At no time shall “Buyer” or “Buyers Agent” assume that any offer has been accepted until a “Fully
Executed Contract” has been delivered to “Buyer” and/or “Buyer’s agent, attorney, representative, etc.
This “REO DISCLOSURE” is directed to “Buyer’s Agent” as well and shall be adhered to by “Buyer’s
It is the sole responsibility of “Buyer and/or Buyer’s Agent” to incorporate any and all “Seller’s
Addendum: required by “Seller.” Offers received without “Seller’s Addendum” will not be submitted to
Seller will select and choose Escrow/Closing Agent and all escrow monies shall be held by seller’s Escrow
Agent NO EXCEPTIONS. Seller will pay for buyer’s title insurance as per special addendum to contract.
Buyer will be charged a commission of $495.00 upon a successful closing of this Transaction payable
to the listing broker. Edward E. Cambas, Lic. Real Estate Broker. Buyer agrees to allow Broker place a lien on property to secure
payment if necessary. Buyer waives all homestead rights to this lien.
Buyer(s) and selling agent hereby acknowledge to have read and understood this disclosure prior to
signing contract and all other addendums to the contract including this disclosure.
__________________________ Date:__________ _________________________ Date:___________
Buyer Buyer
__________________________ Date:__________ _________________________ Date:___________
Selling Agent License Number _______________
Office Telephone


11-07-2015 6:14:19 AM CST



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Building Permit Selection Menu 

Effective July 22nd, 2004, the web application has been changed as follows:
The option to cancel inspections from today's route has been modified 
to allow cancellation from 6:00 am to 8:00 am only

Please make one selection, enter the required information (shown in bold lettering) and 
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 Permit Project Status (Permit Number)
 Open Permits by Folio (Folio Number)


08-19-2015 5:21:25 PM CST


Flat Fee MLS services since 1992.  Florida By Owner was originally estabished by Edward Cambas in 1992 to assist homeowners in saving money while still providing MLS access so that the property is exposed to the Real Estate Licensees. We contend that we are the first firm in Florida and possibly in tihe entire U.S. to provide such services. 

1. Freedom to sell on your own and not pay any commissions. 

2. Pay 3% total if and only if the property is successfully sold and closed by a Real Estate Licensee. 

3. You completely control the showings on the property including any open houses. In addition, you are responsible for showing the property.

4. You maintain and control the sign in the yard and are able to advertise the property at will to the general public. 

5. Property Listings include Commercial, Rentals, Condos and Single Family residences. 

6. Your MLS posting will proliferate out to over 50 Professional Websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Yahoo Real Estate and more.

7. Other services are available for an additional fee. (1% Trotal fee paid to our brokerage for handling the contracting part of the transaction)


More Info

This company is registered as Edward E. Cambas, a Lic.Real Estate Broker and equal housing opportunity. 

Member of the Miami Association of Realtors.

Flat Fee is only $150 



- See more at: http://edwardcambas.com


08-03-2015 4:04:53 AM CST



07-29-2015 7:05:45 AM CST


Paramount Miami World Center


07-29-2015 6:34:00 AM CST



07-27-2015 6:34:42 PM CST


  • Clubhouse: With grand hall, party kitchen, billiard room, lounge area, kids playroom, sauna, BBQ/pavilion.
  • Fitness Center: State-of-the art equipment.
  • HOA: Ask an NHC for more details.
  • Lake Pond
  • Master Insurance
  • Park: Over 30 acres of lakes, parks and green spaces plus walking trails.
  • Swimming Pool: Infinity edge pool and kids splash zone.
  • Tot Lot: Slide and fun for the kids!

The grand clubhouse will span over 13,000 total sq. ft. and has been beautifully designed for the enjoyment of residents and their families. The grand hall will be perfect for birthdays and special celebrations, outdoor sitting area with fire-pit for casual get-togethers, BBQ pavilion, covered terrace with sitting areas, and relaxing sun-deck, areas for pool side relaxation or sun bathing. Residents will also enjoy the Grand infinity-edge style pool with built in loungers and a kids splash zone. The fitness center will have state-of-the art equipment. Kids will be able to play in the indoor playroom or outside at the tot lot. There will also be a billiard room, lounge area, women and men’s saunas and over 30 acres o flakes, parks and green spaces plus walking trails and so much more!


07-27-2015 5:45:41 PM CST


Community Health of South Florida (CHI)

Community Health of South Florida Inc. is a nonprofit health care organization providing affordable quality primary and behavioral health care services to the ...
7 Google reviews
 · Write a review
10300 SW 216th St, Cutler Bay, FL 33190
(305) 253-5100
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Job Openings

Careers Job Openings. 2010. Employee / Admin. Copyright ...

Primary Care

Services Primary Care. Family Care Services The broad range ...

Locations - Centers

Locations Centers. CHI provides urgent care to medical problems ...

Behavioral Health Care

The Behavioral Health Care Center (BHCC) is an integral ...

Schedule Appointments

To schedule appointment, call one of our centers listed here . A ...

Contact Us

Welcome to CHI. Please enter your comments in the box provided ...


07-27-2015 7:08:50 AM CST


Next Gen Residence Townhomes with Garage / and of course Mother-in Laws. 


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