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06-18-2011 8:33:46 AM CST

Orlando, Florida remains one of the world’s hottest destinations. You can enjoy hot, sunny weather. You can explore the hottest theme parks and attractions. And now you can also experience the hottest musical acts, live in concert.

The Westgate Resorts 2011 Summer Concert Series is shaping up to be Orlando’s hottest event packages, offering four spectacular live concerts featuring Kings of Leon, Rascal Flatts, the American Idol Live Tour and Maroon 5 with Train.

The Summer Concert Series combines your choice of top concerts with Westgate’s spacious and luxurious 5-Star accommodations in Orlando, VIP treatment including a welcome party and personal concierge services, local transportation to and from the concert, as well as additional amenities and benefits. We’ll turn your concert experience into a once-in-a-lifetime Orlando vacation getaway complete with a three-night stay in a beautiful 2-bedroom Westgate Resorts villa.

from the desk of Edward E. Cambas, a Licensed Real Estate Broker.


call us at 305-200-7455.


06-16-2011 6:12:55 PM CST

Treating our Customers with Compassion.

Every one of my clients is unique, and that is exactly how I treat him or her. I'm proud to say that a high percentage of my business comes from past clients-from people who choose my services time and again. I don't measure my success by sales, but by the relationships I build along the way.

Free Consultation. If you are interested in buying or selling a condo, townhome, house, or acreage in Miami, Kendall, West Kendall, City of Doral, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, Coral Gables or Horse Country. I would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your real estate needs. Call me today or send me an e-mail. I'm waiting to hear from you! 305-200-7455. or e-mail me at edwardcambas@hotmail.com

I am someone you can trust. The most important thing when choosing a real estate professional is to find someone you can trust. I have a history of success and integrity in real estate that you can depend on. I am an experienced negotiator with expert knowledge of the local market. You can count on me to always work with your interests in mind, and to represent you and your wishes to the best of my ability.

I will keep all of your info private. Your discretion is my largest concern.

From the desk of Edward E. Cambas, a Lic. Real Estate Broker since 1992.


06-15-2011 9:39:20 PM CST

Amid the splendor of the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg embodies the simple goodness of small town life. Gatlinburg is where we gather together and stand in awe of nature's glory. Here, we fill our spirits, seek inspiration, and continue the journey toward what we know is right. In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, we Reach Higher Ground.

Businesses in Gatlinburg understand the importance of providing the visitor with a green destination for eco-friendly vacations and get-a-ways. That extra effort is noted through business participation in the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Gatlinburg Goes Green initiative.

The adjacent Great Smoky Mountains National Park, has transformed Gatlinburg into a mountain resort destination, packed with every sort of lodging the Smoky Mountains have to offer, dozens of local to national restaurants, and attractions galore. Visitors from all over come to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to experience the cabins, golf, outdoor activities, and more!


06-14-2011 1:16:31 PM CST

This 57,000-square foot Los Angeles home, listed at $150 million, was sold to a 22-year-old U.K. heiress.
Photo: Realtor.com



The long-running drama over the sale of the highest-priced home in the U.S. appears to be heading to its finale.

The 57,000-square foot Los Angeles mansion built by the late TV producer Aaron Spelling is slated for sale to a 22-year-old heiress to a Formula One racing fortune. The home on five acres of property in Holmby Hills has a bowling alley, beauty salon, several gift-wrapping rooms and parking for 100 cars.

"The Manor," as the property is known, had a list price of $150 million that didn't budge during the real-estate downturn that sent prices in Los Angeles down by more than a third. The sales price was not disclosed.


From Yahoo Real Estate through the desk of Edward E. Cambas, Lic. Real Estate Broker.


06-14-2011 8:22:36 AM CST

1. Evaluate your effectiveness.

Take one day and write down everything you do and how long it takes. Don’t skimp on the details – write down EVERYTHING. Now go back and categorize your task into the following areas: Business Development, Administrative, Health & Wellness, Family, Fun, Other. What percentage of your day is spent on business development? The results may be shocking to you.

TIP: Download the Boost Your Productivity Action Plan & Worksheet for step by step instructions to evaluate your effectiveness.

2. Calendar money producing tasks first.

Never have enough time for prospecting? Calendar it. Every day. Generating new business is one of the most important jobs for a real estate agent and yet it is often the first item that slips off the daily schedule. Sure, you have other ‘stuff’ that needs to get done but ignoring your money producing tasks will come back to bite you later. Set a regular working schedule and stick to it. Take a half hour to check your email and handle essential tasks when you first start your day, then get to prospecting. Earlier in the day is better before your day starts to run away with you.

TIP: Get started early. I like to get to the office early so I can knock out my most important tasks before other people arrive or the phone starts to ring with the inevitable fire drills of the day.

3. Outsource unproductive tasks.

Outsource unproductive tasks so you can focus on items that will make you money. Virtual assistants can be a cost effective solution for agents looking to outsource administrative tasks so you can focus on those money producing tasks. Listing management, transaction management and marketing are just a few of the tasks a skilled assistant can take off your plate to make you more productive. Need more ideas on what to delegate? Check out this article on how to ramp up productivity with a virtual assistant.

4. Delete unnecessary tasks.

Go ahead, delete them- I’m not kidding. There are some tasks that we should simply just delete – they have absolutely no value. If it can be deleted – do it. And don’t feel guilty. TIP: If you really can’t delete it or delegate, set a timer. Some tasks are simply time sucks. They can run away with your time before you know it so use a timer to keep you on track.

5. Manage your inbox.

Manage your inbox, don’t let your inbox manage you. Email is like a bottomless black hole. It’s important to be responsive to clients on your email, but most email is busy work. Use filters to help you focus on the important emails and delete/delegate the rest. Close your email when you doing your most important tasks to make sure you don’t get distracted.

6. Don’t multi-task.

We used to think mult-tasking was a productivity booster yet studies have shown that multi-tasking actually decreases concentration and productivity. Focus on your task at hand, finish it, then move on to the next item on the list.

TIP: Do your least desirable tasks first and get them off your plate. You’ll save time by not having to worry about them later.

7. Systematize.

Without systems, we spend time reinventing the wheel time and again. Repetitive tasks can be simplified to save you time. Create document templates for questions you frequently get asked. I save all of my frequently used phrases, pages, scripts and more in Evernote so I can easily pull them up later. Tools like text expander are helpful to eliminate repetitive typing of frequently asked questions, listing information and more. You save your frequently used text snippets and simply use a short code later to pull them up.

TIP: Shaqualyn Mitchell, a REALTOR from Brooklyn, New York uses the auto-text feature on her Blackberry to reduce repetitive typing and quickly respond with listing information requests on the go. People are impressed by both speed and quality of her response.

It’s easy to fill our time with busy work that doesn’t benefit our production or enhance our relationship with our clients. Understanding what your time sinks are and how to minimize them will help you work smarter and find more time to do the things that really matter.

What do you do to maximize your efficiency and get the most out of your day?

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About the author

Ginger Wilcox is Head of Training at Trulia. Ginger has sold real estate in California and Arizona. Follow Ginger on Twitter


06-08-2011 6:11:16 AM CST


06-02-2011 6:51:56 AM CST

The world maybe headed for another recession, but there seems to be no better time to be a millionaire or billionaire.

Global wealth hit a record $121.8 trillion high in 2010 or $20 trillion above pre-recession levels, according to a new report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG). And, the number of millionaire households jumped 12.2 percent to about 12.5 million.

The trend will continue up to about $162 trillion by 2015, "driven by the performance of the capital markets and the growth of GDP in countries around the world. Wealth will grow fastest in emerging markets," says the report.

There are a couple of bright spots for all of you out there that do not fall in to the uber-rich category.

The United States is by far home to the most millionaires, according to BCG. In 2010, 5.2 million households in the U.S. had more than a million in assets under management compared to 1.5 million in Japan and 1.1 million in China.

And here's the really good news. If you want to make your millions, there is no better time than now, says Steve Siebold, author of the new book How Rich People Think. In the next five years, he predicts the United States will see more self-made millionaires emerge than in any other time in history.

"This is the easiest time to become a millionaire in America than I have ever seen by far and I think the wealthy see that an that is why they are getting wealthier," he tells Aaron in the interview above. "But, on the other side, anyone has the chance to become a millionaire in America, more right now than ever before."

Why? Because this country has got lots of problems that are in dire need of solutions.

There are all these new ways to get rich, say Siebold. "There are so many new problems to solve. There are so many new opportunities that did not exist before the great recession"

Over the course of 27 years Siebold interviewed hundreds of millionaires and high net worth individuals. His book mixes the wisdom and advice of all these people who have created self-made fortunes.

Most people don't think like millionaires because we don't look at money in the right way, he says. We tend to learn about money at a very early age from people who don't have any. "We almost have no chance from the beginning because we are programmed by people that don't have any money and don't understand how to think about it," he says.

The Millionaire Mindset

There are key differences between the way rich people look at money and the way the rest of us do, according to Siebold:

  • Wealthy people look at money in positive terms and as an opportunity, where as most of us live in fear of being laid off or not having enough money for retirement.
  • Instead of worrying about running out of money, soon to be millionaires are thinking how to make more money. World-class performers are finding problems that are profitable to solve. They know that just because a solution hasn't been discovered yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  • Millionaires tend to move towards what they want, rather than move away from what they don't want, which is what the masses most often do.
  • World-class thinkers have the guts to be optimistic right now in these shaky times and reject the middle-class cynicism that plagues the masses. It's not comfortable for a millionaire in the making to forge ahead when everyone around him or her is negative, cynical and unsupportive, yet the great ones push forward and are rewarded with riches for the rest of their lives.


Siebold's bottom line: "Take inventory of your consciousness and the way you think about money and ask yourself: Is this the way a rich person thinks or someone in the middle class thinks about money?"


05-31-2011 12:30:56 PM CST

1. Check Your Credit Report

Any time you're trying to improve your credit score, your first step should be to check your credit report. You can get one free report every 12 months from each of the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) by going to AnnualCreditReport.com. Look closely at each account on your report to make sure that there are no mistakes dragging down your score. Also, make sure that you recognize all of the accounts on your report. Unfamiliar accounts could be a sign of identity theft, though often they are just old accounts that you've forgotten about or accounts for which you are an authorized user but not the primary account holder. Don't panic until you research them further.

2. Assess Your Credit Card Debt

If you don't know the details of your debt, you probably don't have an effective plan for paying it off. Make a list of all the cards that you carry a balance on, how much you owe on each, and what the interest rate is. This way, you'll know which accounts are costing you the most and you can plan to pay them off first.

If you've living off your credit cards because you're unemployed or underemployed, assess your available balances. Also note which cards have lower interest rates and use those for your purchases if possible.

If you added to your debt last Christmas, start thinking now about how you will avoid doing the same thing this year. May isn't too early to plan for the holidays -- you still have time to gradually buy gifts over the course of the year, as you can afford them, or time to save up a holiday fund so you don't have to pay interest on 2011's gifts in 2012 and beyond. A Black Friday deal isn't a deal at 30% APR.

3. Improve Your Interest-Rate Situation

It may not be possible to qualify for a new card with a lower interest rate if you have poor credit, but it might be worth trying. If you do get approved, make sure you understand the balance transfer fees before moving your high-interest debt, and make sure you'll come out ahead even after the fees. Applying for new credit does temporarily ding your credit score, but the savings from lowering your interest rate can be substantial.

You can also try calling your creditors to negotiate a lower interest rate. If that doesn't work, see if you can at least get your card's annual fee waived (if it has one). Develop a strategy before you call because you'll need a way to convince your creditors that there's something in it for them if they give you a break.

4. Prioritize Your High-Interest Debt

Whichever card has the highest interest rate is the one you need to pay off first. Keep paying the minimum on your other cards (and pay on time), and put what you can afford toward your highest-interest balance. The sooner you knock out your high-interest debt, the more money you'll have to work with each month and the easier it will be to work your way through your remaining debts and contribute to your emergency fund.

5. Create a Bill Payment System

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Thirty-five percent of your credit score is based on whether you pay your bills on time, so if you want to improve your credit score, getting on top of your due dates is a great place to start. Look at recent bills and add the due dates to your credit card list. Then, use an electronic calendar system like Outlook or an old-fashioned paper calendar to remind yourself of these due dates each and every month. A checking account with online bill pay can also help you get organized by allowing you to see and pay all of your bills in one place. Some online bill payment systems, like Ally Bank's, can be synched up with your other accounts to let you know how much you owe and when it's due.

In addition to hurting your credit score, late payments cost you money. If you avoided just one $30 late fee per month you would save $360 in a year. That's money you could put toward paying down your debt instead of adding to it.

6. Start Budgeting

If you know exactly how much money you have coming in and going out every month, not only are you likely to spend less because you will be holding yourself accountable for your spending, but you'll also know how much you can afford to put toward paying down your credit card debt each month.

The Bottom Line

In the process of improving your credit score, you'll also be improving your overall financial situation. So even if you don't plan to do anything that will require you have an attractive credit score (like open a new credit card account, take out an auto loan or apply for a mortgage), taking these actions will be worthwhile.



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05-21-2011 6:38:02 PM CST

Create a Website - Fast and Easy


05-14-2011 7:41:10 PM CST

Would you like to go on a short get-away? From the desk of Edward E. Cambas.


05-14-2011 7:39:41 PM CST

From the desk of Edward E. Cambas.


05-14-2011 2:28:56 PM CST

We will be providing free info about Apartments and Condos in Kendall Florida for rent soom. Make sure you save this website under your favorites page. Thank You from the desk of Edward E. Cambas.


05-08-2011 8:21:54 PM CST

Deals and steals from VP of Marketing, Edward E. Cambas. Enjoy more time at the places you want to be with less confusion.


Orlando 3-days/2-nights plus 2 Disney Adult Tickets View Details Disney dreams do come true! See for yourself while enjoying 3 days/2 nights of accommodations at Westgate Resorts, just minutes from the main entrance to Walt Disney World! You’ll be delighted by the spacious suites and an array of family activities and amenities. This value-added package includes two tickets (and complimentary scheduled shuttle service) to your choice of fun-filled Disney theme parks where you can see your Disney dreams come to life!



05-08-2011 8:18:54 PM CST

Orlando 5-days/4-nights plus 2 Disney Touch Of Magic Tickets View Details When it comes to Disney vacations, this one is tough to beat! Save more than 50% off this 5-day/4-night Orlando getaway complete with luxury accommodations at Westgate Resort, located just one mile from the main entrance to Disney! Plus receive to Disney Touch of Magic tickets valid for 3 days of Disney fun, including two days at your choice of Disney’s major theme parks, plus an additional day at one of Disney’s refreshing water parks or DisneyQuest.

More free info now from Edward E. Cambas at www.edwardcambas.com. 20 years of travel experience.


05-08-2011 8:10:02 PM CST

Orlando 4-days/3-nights plus 2 Disney Touch Of Magic Tickets

Disney Touch of Magic 3-Nights SpecialView Details from the desk of Edward E. Cambas.

Save up to 55% off an amazing Disney World resort vacation package. Experience 4 days and 3 nights of luxury at Westgate Resort, located just minutes from the main entrance to Disney! Plus receive to Disney Touch of Magic tickets valid for 3 days of Disney fun, including two days at your choice of Disney’s major theme parks, plus an additional day at one of Disney’s refreshing water parks or DisneyQuest.


Book now at http://www.edwardcambas.com


05-08-2011 8:08:38 PM CST

Description: Royal Resorts is a leader in the Mexico resort industry. Located in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, all the Royal Resorts are beachfront properties offering accommodation in spacious and fully equipped two-bedroom units, and five-star amenities ranging from pools, tennis courts, water sports, an activity program for children and adults, and a spa and gym to restaurants, bars, convenience stores, travel and car rental desks. Operated as private clubs with 24-hour security and daily maid service, they are the perfect family getaway!

Our web site offers seven resorts in Cancun and Playa del Carmen with an average booking of $700!!. Edward E. Cambas has worked with this affilliate agency for more than 3 years and has over 20 years in the industry. Get more out of Mexico at http://www.edwardcambas.com


05-08-2011 8:06:21 PM CST

Shop with your miles and points at Points.com

From the desk of Edward E. Cambas, VP of sales and marketing.


05-06-2011 8:00:33 PM CST

Katy Perry VIP Concert Package in Orlando

*Package Includes

  • 4-days / 3-nights
  • Stay at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa
  • June 9 - June 12, 2011
  • 2 Luxury Suite Tickets to Katy Perry
  • VIP Welcome Reception
  • Personal Concierge
  • Transportation to/from the show
  • From $399 per Family
Worldview International, Inc.

With songs like “Teenage Dreams” and “I Kissed a Girl,” Katy Perry catapulted onto the world stage where she continues to wow fans with her effervescent, outgoing personality and whimsical, irresistible pop songs.

Now you can catch Katy Perry’s electrifying concert as part of an incredible weekend event getaway in beautiful and sunny central Florida! It’s a special, limited availability package that is sure to sell out quickly. Book your package today!

This amazing concert getaway package features two tickets to Katy Perry at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa with seating in a comfortable luxury suite!

But your package also includes transportation to and from the show, personal concierge services, a VIP Welcome Party, and a three-night stay in a spacious two-bedroom villa at the luxurious Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa.

Ideally located just minutes from Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort, Westgate Lakes is a lush tropical paradise that boasts a scenic lakefront setting, luxuriously appointed villas, a world class, full-service health spa, the Smokehouse Grill restaurant, eight swimming pools and a full schedule of family activities.

Luxury accommodations, Katy Perry in concert, and much more – this exceptional event vacation package is available to Westgate owners for just $399 per couple! You can also share the fun. We will extend this special price to any of your family and friends who might want to attend.

Resort Info

Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa

Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa

SummaryAmenitiesPhoto Gallery

From the desk of Edward E. Cambas, President of Worldview International.



05-06-2011 7:55:31 PM CST

Our stay at the Westgate Hotel on March 2008 was excellent. When had two problems with room when arrived, the refrigerator was not cooling and their was a metal part of the middle of one bed sticking out but they immediately came and fixed. Everything else was super and I loved the view and the pools and the beach front and downtown and rest. and activities were in walking distanced if we wanted to walk. The staff was so pleasant and helpful and made us feel we were so important.Having a safe in the room was very nice. Beds were comfortable.The pools were heated and a joy to swim in even though it was cool.

Traveler’s tip
The Kingdom across the street was not open which it was spring break and felt it should have been and no one told us that when we booked with Expedia.com nor are there any smoking rooms but you can smoke on balcony and most everywhere else in town. Going to Hard Rock cafe is a must Riply’s Aquarium.

From the desk of Edward E. Cambas, a Lic. Real Estate Broker (inactive).


05-06-2011 7:49:10 PM CST

1 of 121St. Francis Xavier's Dylan Hollohan, Left, Co…

Minnesota Vikings First-round Draft Pick Christian Ponder, Right, Holds
end photo cont -->

Minnesota Vikings first-round draft pick Christian Ponder(notes), right, holds up a jersye with head coach Leslie Frazier during an NFL football news conference Friday, April 29, 2011 in Eden Prairie, Minn.

Prev1 of 121St. Francis Xavier's Dylan Hollohan, Left, Co…
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    After months of speculation and hearsay, the 2011 NFL draft is officially in the books. Draft weekend proved to be a wild and unpredictable few days that has left us with many more questions than answers at this point. This year’s incoming rookie class is filled with star power, but with the league still in full lockout mode, there’s no telling what’s going to happen this season, if there even ...

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    The good news is nobody fails. But only three teams go to the head of Pete Prisco's class with A's. The Texans, Giants and Bucs did their homework, while the Chiefs and the Seahawks obviously didn't -- according to this NFL Draft final exam.


From the desk of Edward E. Cambas.


05-06-2011 2:53:40 PM CST

Plants with the Disney·Pixar Touch

From the desk of Edward E. Cambas we would like to share some important things with our family Disney travelers.
The 18th Annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival at Walt Disney World.Spring has sprung at the Walt Disney World Resort as the 18th Annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is officially in full bloom. Now through May 15, Park Guests can gawk at newborn butterflies, gardens with a global flair, and some of their favorite characters-turned-topiaries. Making it even more spectacular, this is the first time the festival is featuring Disney·Pixar Character topiaries. The Insider spoke with Horticulture Manager Eric Darden and Topiary Specialist Renee Worrell about bringing these plants of fantastical proportions to life.

"There are many must-see attractions, and they're all special for different reasons. But this time we have Pixar topiaries – we've wanted to include them for years. Woody and Buzz are right up at the front of the Park ... it's really exciting!" Eric says. In addition to Woody and Buzz, there are more than 75 Disney Character topiaries throughout the entire Festival (over 100 in all!), including Luxo Ball, Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, and Lots-O-Huggin' Bear. Renee feels nothing but affection for Lotso. "He's supposed to be mean, but he's full of begonias and just cute as can be."

Cuteness aside, lots 'o' creativity goes into developing the topiaries each year. Renee describes collaborating with the Pixar team. "With most of our character topiaries, we create maquettes based on conceptual drawings. Then we select the plant material before working with welders who build the frames – there needs to be enough room for the root balls and plant material to grow. But Pixar sent us clay sculptures for each of their character topiaries ... we used them to make molds for the frames."

Frames are then hot-galvanized to prevent rust and painted like a car. Once complete, they're sent to the greenhouse for irrigation and then on to Renee's team for stuffing and planting. A character artist ensures that the topiaries remain true to each character's personality. Adjustments are made by adding or subtracting moss rather than by altering the steel frame.

Ficus Pumila, commonly known as "Creeping Fig," is one of the best plants for topiaries. Renee explains, "It's just green, and works well for arms and everything. Alternathera's great because of its brilliant color." Some other plant materials used include fast-growing Lysimachia (AKA Creeping Jenny), Stipa Grass (known as Mexican Feather Grass), and Woodyetiya, a palm tree seed used mostly for the characters' eyes – unless hungry visitors decide otherwise. "A squirrel crawled right up and ripped the [seed] eyes out of Beast one year!"

The topiaries remain in the greenhouse until they've slowly adapted to the sun – otherwise, Renee says, they'd burn from full exposure. "Doing the Festival earlier in the season means we don't have so much of an acclimation period to deal with. Plus, the color's just incredible this time of year." Growth, depending on the size of the topiary, takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Ficus grows approximately one inch in a month and a half.

Some of the Park's largest topiaries measure 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall, so moving the fully grown topiaries to Epcot is quite a production, according to Renee. "We just roll them up onto open-topped trucks with an electric pallet jack. Some pieces are really big, like the arch where Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater are. It's actually two pieces – it took a low-boy semi [truck] and two cranes to transport and assemble."

Daily care includes watering, fertilization, trimming, pinning, and any necessary touch-ups. "Even though there's an internal irrigation system, our crew still needs to check them individually because certain areas (like arms) dry out faster. Each topiary must look as good as the day it arrived ... Guests might only have one chance to see them. That's what we strive for." Renee and her team have back-up plants in the event something gets damaged. After the festival, topiaries return to the greenhouse to be cleaned and stored for the following year if they don't replace others throughout the Park.

Does Renee have a particular favorite? "I haven't really decided which character's my favorite ... each brings back memories. Trying to deal with Woody's skinny arms was really tough because he's a ragdoll. To remain true to his shape, we used a lighting truss where Woody's elbows are flat to get the irrigation plugged in."

In addition to the topiary extravaganza, there's a lot more at the festival for green thumbs and nature aficionados to enjoy. Bambi's Butterfly House presented by HGTV is three times larger this year – one little-known fact is that the butterflies are released from their chrysalises so Guests can watch them emerge up close. "It's one of my favorites," adds Eric, "because of the children's reaction. Seeing butterflies come to life, spread their wings, and fly off is a pretty phenomenal thing to observe."

Don't miss the debut of Disney·Pixar topiaries at the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival this spring ... Woody and the gang are waiting!

My name is Edward E. Cambas. For Lowest prices go to http://www.worldviewtravelservices.com


04-28-2011 7:33:25 AM CST

Wirefly: Galaxy S 4G

Order a Galaxy now from the desk of Edward E. Cambas.


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