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Edward E. Cambas - Lic. Real Estate Broker #0454126 DBPR

Worldview Realty, Inc. 

Free Franchising Opportunities now Available

 I am Licensed with the state under the name of Worldview Realty, Inc - and am actively selling franchises. 

For more info on starting your own Worldview Realty, Inc franchise send us a message or call 786-200-8817.

Must have in place a "Broker of Record" and have a minimum net asset balance of $50,000 or greater. 

Edward E. Cambas, a Lic. Real Estate Broker (Florida) #0454126

Fees start from only $27.00 per transaction on sales and $12.00 per rental - (Your Broker of Record)

( $398 per transaction on sales and $75 on rentals -  I will be the broker of record)


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