Juan, Maria, and Yensi

"Team 5 Star"

Denny's Performance Training
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 Performance and Excellence Training.



Dedication, Drive, Discipline and Focus


Are you "All In?"


We go by the book. 

  Our 2020 Team will at all times be:

1.Trusted, Timely and Reliable

2. Striving daily to produce '5 star performance and customer excellence results

    3. Become a complete team player

4. Develop a 110 percent positive mindset attitude

5. Listen to management instructions with an open mind. 

6 Hold yourself accountable and raise the bar to achieve 5 star success.

7.  Become an indispensable employee. You are going to perform and produce every single day.

Thanks from our 5 Star management team in advance for being #1 in 2020. Are you excited?

If you will follow our program, "we will guarantee your success and we will be loyal to you as you are to us." We will be kind and respectful, but tough. Try to do something for the managers this week. 



Click this link "Performance and Excellence Training"

Team 5 Star kendall from Yensi, Maria, and Juan. It is easy to be average but it is hard to commit yourself to being #1.

Harvard Research shows the employees only want to know they are appreciated. In exchange for that, they will always go above and beyone. 

      Steps of Service


 Beverage Order

Food Order

 Meal Presentation 

 Invite Back


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